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Water resources be conserved

Rationalise water consumption and reduce your carbon footprint

Our smart metering equipment allows you to conserve water resources by significantly reducing losses and by encouraging users to rationalise consumption: 
  • Give consumers access to produced volumes and water consumption indicators via websites and smartphone apps in order to rationalise water use. 
  • Improve awareness and knowledge among consumers by encouraging them to update their own data on water consumption to induce behavioural change and promote water conservation.

Enhance Corporate Social Responsibility by adopting sustainable practices

We take into account social and environmental aspects in revenue strategies to ensure the sustainable and responsible management of water resources: 
  • Improve the understanding of analyses on consumption data and consumer behaviour with respect to water resources.
  • Forecast volumes and revenues using benchmarking and water consumption modelling tools.
  • Analyse the social impact of water resources and carry out a diagnostic of water insecurity to take into account social pricing initiatives.
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