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Quality of service and user satisfaction be improved

Foster close ties with customers and provide them with a reponsive customer service<br>

We ensure quality customer service available locally for users as well as accurate billing to meet their expectations and increase satisfaction:


  • Benefit from quality customer service through systematic evaluation of customer satisfaction and continuous measurement of service performance.
  • Ensure close ties with users through proximity services, proactive and interactive communication, and modern tools to ensure accessibility to services for everyone.
  • Optimise water consumption measurement systems via a remote meter reading service for reliable and accurate measurement and transparent billing.

Provide a daily customer experience

We strive to make the daily lives of consumers easier by taking concrete steps that help improve the customer experience:
  • Offer users the choice of several payment methods: monthly debits or at each bill, credit card payments via the Interactive Vocal Server or the website, cash payments, etc.
  • Facilitate exchanges with users by offering each customer the choice of channel best suited to their needs: customer desk, telephone, online or mail.
  • Allow users to manage their account online, consult or perform transactions via a website accessible from their smartphone or tablet.
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