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The circular economy in the water sector on the agenda of the Global Climate Action Summit

From 12 to 14 September 2018 regional and city authorities, businesses and investors from the world over attended the Global Climate Action Summit in San Francisco to present their concrete solutions in the fight against climate change and to restate their support for the Paris Agreement. Numerous mayors from cities in the United States were present.

SUEZ, which organised and included a round table on the event’s agenda, took this opportunity to reveal the issues related to the circular economy in the water sector, alongside numerous partners, including the International Desalination Association and the United Nations Global Compact. Ana Giros Calpe, CEO of the Europe - Latin America business unit, presented the first biofactory in Santiago de Chile, which is targeting “zero waste, zero energy and zero carbon”, as an example of how SUEZ is addressing the urgent issues of the climate and the conservation of biodiversity by involving all the regional actors.”

Global Climate Summit Ana Giros

Ana Giros Calpe, CEO of the Europe - Latin America business unit

SUEZ also revealed a new entrepreneurial project related to climate change, in the form of a revolutionary solution that enables cities to self-sufficiently monitor CO2 emissions in urban environments.

This innovative project consists of providing three complementary services:

  • Measure: real-time monitoring of CO2 emissions in order to mobilise local actors,
  • Act: produce a dynamic map of CO2 emissions in the region and identify the most effective emission-reducing actions,
  • Fund: provide easier access to climate-related funding for the local actors’ emission-reducing actions.


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