Shareholders' Club France

Overseen by a dedicated team, the Shareholders’ Club was created for those who wish to better understand the inner workings of SUEZ. It is a space for thoughtful conversation, where there is  a broad range of services in the hopes that we can listen to your suggestions, better meeting your needs.

A wide range of services just for Club members

As a member, you  benefit from a lot of advantages

Site visits
Discover SUEZ’s main sites in France and Belgium in groups of 20 to 30. A guide will explain water and waste management.

Lectures on SUEZ’s present and future business plans
From waste recycling, to the treatment of wastewater, sustainable development and innovation, learn  all there is to know about us.

Training  in trading shares
Want to learn more about the stock exchange and the world of finance? We organize free training sessions all over France, in partnership with the Ecole de la Bourse.

Get shareholders’ publications automatically
You will receive all the shareholder documents published by us,and numerous invitations, delivered to your  home or  office.

Shareholder consultations
Consultation of individual shareholders by internet. Discover the findings of the shareholders’ survey about the share’s activity on the stock exchange, and in particular its sustainable development dimension.
- Consultative panel: you will have the opportunity to sit on consultative panels of individual shareholders.

A dedicated website
You have access to a dedicated website presenting news from the Club, virtual tours of sites, minutes of shareholder meetings, etc.

Join the club

Entry to the club is free of charge and reserved to shareholders with at least 25 shares.

Please, take into consideration that: 

  • registered shareholders with at least 25 shares automatically become members of the Shareholders’ Club.
  • bearer shareholders with at least 25 shares can apply to join, if they produce a shareholder’s certificate. You can obtain this certificate from your financial intermediary.

Online registration

Complete and sign the online registration form by clicking here.

Register by telephone

You can also join the France Shareholders’ Club by calling   (free phone from a landline) in France, or +33 1 71 29 81 79 from outside France.

Register by mail, fax or email

You can also join the Shareholders’ Club by downloading, printing, completing and returning the registration form below:
  • By mail
    SUEZ – Club Actionnaires
    Tour CB21 – 16, place de l’Iris
    92040 Paris La Défense Cedex
  • By fax
    +33 1 58 81 25 22
  • By e-mail
Caution: you must always attach a shareholder’s certificate, which can be obtained from your financial intermediary, in order to gain entry to the Shareholders’ Club. Your registration will only be confirmed, once the Shareholders’ Club staff has received your shareholder’s certificate, obtained from your financial intermediary.
Individual shareholder consultations

Online surveys to better understand  shareholders’ expectations

Members of the Shareholders’ Club are regularly invited to take part in consultations on the web, and in particular before the Annual general meeting, in order to understand their expectations of the AGM.
of individual shareholders were confident in the future of SUEZ
of shareholders considered SUEZ as an innovative company
of shareholders think that the SUEZ share price is still undervalued
Consultative panels

Listening and dialogue for a fruitful communication

SUEZ pays close attention to the constant improvement of the quality of relations with its individual shareholders. Twice a year, the Shareholder Relations team refers to consultative panels made up of members of the Shareholders’ Club.

The Shareholder Relations team

Florent Gautron-Shareholder Relations Manager at SUEZ

Florent Gautron

Shareholder Relations Manager 0 800 207 207
Camille Fauconnier portrait

Camille Fauconnier

Shareholders Communication Manager 0 800 207 207

Nathalie Ulysse

Shareholder Relations Manager 0 800 207 207