Become a shareholder

When you become a SUEZ shareholder, you team up with a global leader in environmental services, with a balanced and durable growth model and an innovation policy working for the activities of the future. You also benefit from quality relations and an attractive dividend policy.
Shareholder rights

Become closely involved with the life of the Group

As a shareholder you have the following rights:

Right to information

  • either in advance, from the date of your invitation to the Annual General Meeting or in the preceding 15 days
  • or permanently, by taking note of the social documents for the three previous financial years available in the company’s registered office

Participate in the management of the company

The right to participate in the management of the company by voting at the Annual General Meeting




Participate in capital operations

By way of example, shareholders can benefit from preferential subscription and allocation rights in capital operations.

Right to dividends

You are linked to the performance of the company through the payment of a dividend.

In May 2020, a dividend of €0.45 per share was paid for 2019.

To help keep you informed, we provide:

  • a freephone number (Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm): 
  • a dedicated section on this site
  • The shareholder’s letter: available on request or in a  PDF version. The letter is automatically sent to Club members by e-mail or post.
  • The activity report and its shareholder’s guide: available on request or in a PDF version
Holding shares

The different ways of holding shares

In France, there are two distinct forms of transferable securities: 

Bearer shares

The certificates for bearer shares are held by the financial intermediary (credit or investment company) and are therefore not known by the issuing company.

Nominative shares

Two possible types:
  • administered shares: the shares are listed in the accounts of the issuing company, but are retained and managed by the shareholders’ financial intermediary;
  • pure shares: the shares are listed directly and solely in the accounts of the issuing company, which allows it to provide a personalised service.

As a holder of administered or pure nominative shares, you are entitled to the following benefits:

Buying and selling shares

Who do you contact to buy and sell your shares?

How to place an order

The stock market is open between 9.00 am to 5.30 pm Monday to Friday. As an individual investor, you are not authorised to trade directly on the market, which is why you need to submit your orders to an approved financial intermediary, who will be responsible for executing them.

Who do you contact?

To transform your SUEZ shares into the nominative form, you need to fill in the form below and return it to your financial advisor.


A team dedicated to you

Florent Gautron-Shareholder Relations Manager at SUEZ

Florent Gautron

Shareholder Relations Manager 0 800 207 207
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Camille Fauconnier

Shareholders Communication Manager 0 800 207 207

Nathalie Ulysse

Shareholder Relations Manager 0 800 207 207