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Florent Gautron-Shareholder Relations Manager at SUEZ

Our mission is to constantly meet your needs, involve you in the life of the Group and build a durable and close relationship with you.

Florent Gautron-Shareholder Relations Manager

Become a shareholder

Become part of the sustainable growth of a world leader in resource management

When you become a SUEZ shareholder, you team up with a world leader in the sustainable management of resources, with a balanced and durable growth model and an innovation policy working for the activities of the future. You also benefit from quality relations and an attractive dividend policy.

As a shareholder you have the following rights:

  • right to information
  • right to dividends
  • right to participate in the management of the company by voting at the Annual General Meeting
  • right to Participate in capital operations
Attending Annual General Meetings

Only one SUEZ share is required in order to attend the Annual General Meeting.

The purpose of the Annual General Meeting is to approve the accounts of the preceding financial period, to decide on the distribution of dividends and to pass judgement on the Group’s administrative instances.


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Florent Gautron-Shareholder Relations Manager at SUEZ

Florent Gautron

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