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Credit and rating

Moody’s is the only agency that has issued a rating of our debt.

Moody’s rating

The Moody’s rating agency’s long-term forecast for SUEZ is negative, with a rating of A3, and a short-term score of P2.

Long term A3
Negative outlook
Short term Prime 2

Update: January 2018

The ratings shown above can be subject to revision or be withdrawn at any moment by the ratings agencies awarding them. None of these ratings represent an indication of past or future performance of SUEZ shares or debt issued by the Company and should not be used as part of an investment decision. The Company is not responsible for the accuracy and reliability of these ratings.

Debt and liquidity

On 31 December 2017

net financial debt
liquidity (including credit lines)

Net financial debt by type of rate

fixed rate
inflation-indexed rate
variable rate
Bond issues

Latest bond issues

Pricing date Code ISIN Maturity date Duration Amount Spread Coupon Rate
31-Mar-2009 FR0010745976 08–Apr-2019 10 years €800M 300 6.25%
19-May-2009 FR0010765859 08–Jun–2017 8 years €250M 180 1.904%
08-Jul-2009 FR0010780528 22–Jul–2024 15 years €500M 160 5.50%
09-Oct-2009 FR0010785436 12–Oct–2017 8 years €150M 108 4.50%
15-Jun-2010 FR0010913780 24–Jun–2022 12 years €750M 160 4.125%
12-May-2011 FR0011048966 17–May–2021 10 years €750M 86 4.078%
22-Nov-2011 FR0011149962 22–Nov–2018 7 years €100M 90 3.08%
02-Dec-2011 FR0011158849 02–Dec–2030 19 years €250M 260 5.375%
19-Mar-2013 FR0011454818 25–Mar–2033 20 years €100M 110 3.3%
01-Oct-2013 FR0011585215 09–Oct–2023 10 years €500M 77 2.75%
24-Feb-2014 FR0011766120 27–Feb–2020 6 years €350M 0.00%
19-Jun-2015 FR0012817526 26–Jan–2017 19 months €200M 20 Euribor3m + 20bps
25-Jun-2015 FR0012829406 01–Jul–2030 15 years €50M 75 2.250%
03-Sept-2015 FR0012949923 10–Sept–2015 10 years €500M 80 1.750%
19-May-2016 FR0013173432  19-May-2028  12 years €500M  87  1.250%
27-Mar-2017 FR0013248507 03-Apr-2025 8 years €500M 43 1.000%
27-Mar-2017 FR0013248523 03-Apr-2029 12 years €700M 63 1.500%
17-Sept-2018 FR0013359254 17-Sept-2030 12 years €500M 60 1.625%

Pricing date Code ISIN Maturity date Duration Amount Spread Coupon rate
16-Jun-2014 FR0011993500 PERPETUAL N/A €500M 225 3,000%
23-Mar-2015 FR0012648590 PERPETUAL N/A €500M 217 2,500%
10-Apr-2017 FR0013252061 PERPETUAL N/A €600M 250 2,875%


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Mathilde Rodié

Financial Communications Director of SUEZ Group

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