Innovate with new technologies, solutions and practices

At SUEZ, we believe that in order to resolve the resource challenges confronting our societies, we must move from a linear model to a circular model (reuse, recovery...). We must work differently and bring new solutions. 

You can create new solutions

Working at SUEZ - Innovate with new technologies, solutions and practices

Credit: SUEZ group

[Video] Chafika, Chief Data Officer

With 150 years of experience working alongside our public-sector and industrial clients, including supporting the industrial revolution, we have now begun a new transformation involving the creation of whole new areas of activity in the field of resources.


Social innovation, big data, smart solutions and new partnership models with our clients and stakeholders are all areas where we have already taken a lead, enabling our employees to imagine new opportunities for their careers.


We encourage a spirit of initiative and entrepreneurship in our staff, and we invite them to demonstrate foresight and boldness in developing agile and creative commercial and industrial models to meet current and future needs and expectations.


By recruiting new profiles and sharing knowledge, we encourage our staff to innovate and propose new forms of intervention to strengthen the services we provide to our clients.


Working at SUEZ means innovating with new technologies, solutions and practices. Join us!

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