Embark on an exciting and fulfilling career

At SUEZ, our commitment as an employer is to offer all motivated employees a career based on developing their professional skills and expertise.

Working at SUEZ - Embark on an exciting and fulfilling career

Credit: SUEZ group

[Video] Karine, Senior Vice-President ES Global Services

Our policy is reflected in our training offer and our knowledge tools, which all the Group's employees can access.


We are constantly seeking innovation and differentiation to ensure the development of our staff. We promote various forms of learning, including informal methods such as mentoring, coaching and seminars.


We also offer our staff a mix of methods and tools to make learning more effective. We develop innovative approaches such as Serious Games, which enable all employees, regardless of where they are and what they do, to consolidate their common core of knowledge, and MOOCs, which are deployed via our HR network.


Offering our staff a career path also means giving them access to a dynamic of internal mobility based on our international presence.


These actions enable us to offer our employees opportunities to evolve in their professional lives by sustaining and supporting them on the basis of their ambitions and the opportunities the Group can offer. Managers and our HR network are focused on this objective to help employees anticipate, prepare and succeed in their evolution within SUEZ.


Working at SUEZ means embarking on a exciting and fulfilling career. Join us!

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