Develop as an individual in a supportive environment

At SUEZ, we believe that our primary asset is the Group's employees. That's why we pay special attention to respecting their identity and their fulfilment.

Working at SUEZ - Develop as an individual in a supportive environment

Credit: SUEZ group

[Video] Bianca, Head of Customer Experience, France

The diversity of our Group and its talents reflects the diversity of the cultures and territories where we operate. This diversity is a source of innovation and value creation. We have therefore placed diversity and equality of opportunity among the 12 commitments in our Sustainable Development  road map. 

Wherever the Group's companies are based, diversity programmes promote mixing, integration and employment for young people, seniors and people with disabilities.


Our employees' personal fulfilment also depends on quality of life at work. We do everything we can to offer all our employees a friendly working environment based on respect and a collective spirit. We also develop local management and try to give meaning to our employees' work by promoting autonomy and personal initiative.


Finally, health and safety are essential. They are central to our managerial responsibility. We apply engaging awareness-raising policies with our staff to continuously improve our performance in this area.

Working at SUEZ means developing as an individual in a supportive environment. Join us!

of women in management positions
of employees over 55
employees benefited from the last mentoring program launched in April 2016