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Management Committee

The Management Committee is an analysis and decision-making body that examines the Group’s major decisions and strategic objectives, and meets every two weeks. As of 1st May 2017, it includes eight members besides Jean-Louis Chaussade.

Management Committee

Members of the committee

Jean-Louis Chaussade-Chief Executive Officer at SUEZ

Jean-Louis Chaussade

Chief Executive Officer
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Angel Simon-Deputy CEO in charge of the Water Europe business at SUEZ

Angel Simon

Group Deputy CEO of the Water Europe segment
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Jean-Marc Boursier-Group Deputy CEO-Recycling and Recovery–Europe-SUEZ

Jean-Marc Boursier

Group Deputy CEO for the Recycling and Recovery segment in Europe
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Marie-Ange Debon-Deputy CEO in charge of International business at SUEZ

Marie-Ange Debon

Group Deputy CEO in charge of International segment
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Denis Neymon-CEO-Treatment Infrastructures-Group Human Resources Director-SUEZ

Denis Neymon

Group CEO for Treatment Infrastructures
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Christophe Cros-Group Deputy Chief Financial Officer at SUEZ

Christophe Cros

Group Deputy CEO in charge of Finance
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Jean-Yves Larrouturou-Group Deputy CEO-Performance and General Secretary-SUEZ

Jean-Yves Larrouturou

Group Deputy CEO and General Secretary
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Isabelle Calvez

Group Senior VP of Human Resources
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Frederique Raoult-Director of Sustainable Development and Communications at SUEZ

Frédérique Raoult

Group Director of Sustainable Development and Communications
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