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Spread and share our know-how

Given the growing complexity of the issues at stake, regional projects must increasingly be the result of a collective approach. The Group therefore places a great deal of importance on activities related to knowledge sharing.

Our commitment

Help customers and partners to strengthen their skills

An expert in smart and sustainable resource management, SUEZ supports its customers and partners in their efforts to strengthen their skills by providing them with mechanisms for the transfer of know-how and suitable and innovative monitoring mechanisms.

SUEZ is convinced that, to meet today's challenges, it must work to ensure that everyone is able to develop and share their own skills and knowledge in order to act effectively.

The Group therefore attaches a particular importance on innovation, on its knowledge spread and sharing.
Our actions

Share our knowledge around the world

Share skills with educational and training organizations

Since its creation in 2011, the Executive ParisTech Master Degree Program "SUEZ – Water for All" has awarded 150 diplomas. SUEZ has supported students in Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso) and Kampala (Uganda), as part of the "Social Responsibility and Access to Essential Services" module organised together with the GRET, to share ideas with local operators about their water service approach in informal settlements.

An innovative tool to effectively transfer the Group's skills

Developed by the Group and used in 19 countries, the aim of WIKTI® (Water International Knowledge Transfer Initiative) is to effectively transfer all the Group's skills and knowledge in the fields of water and sanitation. It helps operators of water and sanitation services to improve their effectiveness in areas in which they underperform.

A knowledge and expertise transfer centre in China

The Environmental Science and Engineering Experiment & Practice Educational Laboratory, opened in 2009 by SUEZ and its partner, the University of Tsinghua, has the best equipment and the most sophisticated instruments. It trains students on the road to becoming future experts in China's environmental industry.
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