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Our 2012-2016 road map

Helene Valade-Director of Sustainable Development at SUEZ

In addition to reporting our results and sharing them with all our stakeholders, the sustainable development roadmap is what drives us to go even further.

Helene Valade-Director of Sustainable Development

A steering tool

Three priorities and 12 commitments for global performance

SUEZ's sustainable development road map, integrated into the Group's strategy since 2006 and developed with stakeholders, has gradually set the Group on a course of global performance: financial, environmental, social and societal. 

The 2012-2016 road map was designed as a tool to manage the Group's transformation strategy. Built around three priorities, it establishes quantified objectives backed by measurement indicators. The 2015 results of these objectives reflect the Group's environmental, social and societal performance and the manner in which this combined performance creates responsible growth and therefore impacts SUEZ's financial performance.
Priority 1

Innovate to develop our activities and assist our customers in becoming leaders in economic and environmental performance

Priority 2

Develop our employees' talents so that they play a role in the transformation of our businesses

Priority 3

Enable our businesses to become contributors to the territories' attractiveness and to co-build the solutions together with our stakeholders

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