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Contribute to regions' economic development

SUEZ contributes to balanced and sustainable development of regions by working with stakeholders that are crucial to their development and vitality: SMEs, integration organisations, disabled workers sector, social and solidarity economy players.

Our commitments

Three ways to contribute to a responsible economy

A responsible procurement policy

that ensures subcontractors' and suppliers' adherence to its sustainable development requirements, contributes to the progress of the entire sector and supports the emergence of eco-industries

Creating and maintaining jobs

directly or by working with social and solidarity economy organisations and with organisations that employee disabled individuals

Integrating young people into the work world

SUEZ is committed to helping young people from poor neighbourhoods access long-term jobs or make their business plan a reality

Our actions

Contribute to a responsible economy through employment and local development

Develop a responsible procurement policy

With nearly €6 billion in purchases and 95,000 suppliers, procurement is a valuable strategic lever for SUEZ. The Group's goal is to partner with its suppliers to integrate Corporate Social Responsibility issues. To this end, it is developing a responsible procurement performance project to:


  • Help to integrate suppliers into new services and the circular economy.
  • Optimise resources and create "win-win" supplier relations and partnerships.
  • Encourage support for SMEs and promote diversity among suppliers (integration, disabled workers sector).

Support the social and solidarity économy

The Group is expanding its relations with the social and solidarity economy sector in France. For instance, in 2015 it formed a partnership with MOUVES.

The aim of this partnership is to encourage mutual understanding between SUEZ and social enterprises in the regions of France in which it operates and to support the emergence of local solutions to social and environmental problems.

Facilitate the integration of disadvantaged groups

SUEZ facilitates the integration of disadvantaged groups through partnerships with NGOs and social and solidarity economy organisations such as "100 chances, 100 emplois" (100 chances, 100 jobs) and Passeport Avenir (Passport to the Future) in France.

The Group is also committed to increasing the percentage of employees on work-study and integration contracts and strives to make the social clauses introduced by local authorities in their tender offers effective in France. 
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