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Individual shareholder consultations

Members of the Shareholders’ Club are regularly invited to take part in consultations on the web, and in particular before the Annual General Meeting, in order to understand their expectations of the AGM.

Shareholder surveys

SUEZ regularly consults its individual Shareholders

December 2015 survey

At the United Nations COP21 conference on climate change in Paris, SUEZ launched a major consultation of the Group’s individual shareholders. An electronic questionnaire was sent to 4,500 members of the Shareholders’ Club between 5 October and 2 November 2015. The results of the survey were revealed at the 2015 Actionaria exhibition, which took place on 20 and 21 November 2015 in the Palais des Congrès in Paris, in the presence of SUEZ’s CEO, Jean-Louis Chaussade.

SUEZ’s survey of its individual shareholders revealed three important findings:
have a positive opinion of the single brand
agree with the sustainable development roadmap
feel confident about the future of the Group
  • 95% of shareholders consider that the creation of a single brand working for the circular economy and the sustainable management of resources is beneficial to the Group. The shareholders of SUEZ, which was an official partners of the COP21, also thought that education in environmental issues and sustainable development (52% of shareholders) and water policy (48%) are the themes of the COP21 that produced the highest expectations,

  • 92% of shareholders think that SUEZ’s sustainable development roadmap for 2016 will have a significant impact on the Group’s performance, and in particular on its capacity to innovate (55% of shareholders), its economic and financial performance (50%) and the recruitment of new investors (46%),


  • 98% of individual shareholders feel confident about the future of SUEZ. In addition to its commitment to sustainable development (52% of shareholders), the individual shareholders also believe that the key factors of the Group’s success are the capacity of its teams to innovate (63%), its commercial vitality on international markets (44%) and its strategic positioning on growing markets (44%).

SUEZ’s individual shareholders recognise our efforts in favour of sustainable development and responsible performance. This is a source of pride for me, and I would like to thank them for their loyalty! With a strong single...

Jean-Louis Chaussade-Chief Executive Officer of SUEZ

November 2013 survey

In 2013, SUEZ’s CEO, Jean-Louis Chaussade, revealed the results of this survey at the shareholders’ meeting at the Actionaria trade show on 23 November.

SUEZ’s survey of its individual shareholders revealed three important findings:
 feel confident about the future of SUEZ.
think that SUEZ is an innovative company
 think that the SUEZ share price is undervalued
  • 96% of individual shareholders expressed their confidence in the future of SUEZ. They hailed two of the Group’s important steps forwards in particular: the strengthening of its position as a leader in the environmental sector, and the construction of a strong identity.


  • Almost 90% of shareholders think that SUEZ is an innovative, even very innovative, company, and that the Group’s capacity to innovate is the most important factor of its success in the years to come.


  • 89% of shareholders think that, as the stock markets continue to recover, SUEZ’s share price is still undervalued.

Since 2008, the growth of the Group has remained balanced, by developing both the water and waste activities, strengthening our positions in high-growth regions and basing our strategy on research and innovation. Thanks to...

Jean-Louis Chaussade-Chief Executive Officer of SUEZ


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Florent Gautron

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Valerie Piazza-Shareholders’ Club Manager at SUEZ

Valerie Piazza

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Alassane Niang

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