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Socially responsible investment

SUEZ’s ambition to be the world leader in the sustainable management of resources is underpinned by its wish to be assessed according to its global performance: operational and financial, but also environmental, social and societal, and with the distribution of profits to all stakeholders.


Present in the most prestigious extra-financial indexes

Since the company was founded, SUEZ has gradually emerged as the leader in its sector according to extra-financial rating agencies, and figures in the most prestigious rating indexes.

These ratings allow the Group to inform its stakeholders of its CSR performance, but they are also essential tools in determining its strategic direction.

Risk management

Major strengths to rise to the challenges of the resource revolution

Population growth and urbanisation, climate change, the digital revolution and the new societal aspirations it has produced, are the four major challenges that have profoundly changed the outlook for SUEZ’s activities. SUEZ has some major strengths to take up these new challenges. A a committed precursor of the circular economy, the Group has positioned sustainable development and an approach based on partnerships at the heart of its strategy.
The value chain

A value chain adapting to the circular economy

The transformation of the Group’s activities is enabling SUEZ to market new solutions for the resource revolution that are working to support the environmental transition of regions all over the planet.

SUEZ also helps its customers to cut their greenhouse gas emissions. Waste can replace fossil fuels, can generate green energy or be recycled as secondary raw materials.

Sharing value

A redistribution of value that makes a significant contribution to regional development

SUEZ actively participates in the economic development of the regions where it does business and attaches great importance to its local presence and relations with its various stakeholders.

The Group has explained how it redistributes the value that it creates with its main stakeholders. This first step will be enriched at a later date by the measurement of the indirect economic impacts of SUEZ in the entire economic fabric.

Key figures

Our results

9.45 million

tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions saved by our customers

28.1 %

of women in management positions

822 million m3

of treated wastewater per year

4.7 million

tonnes of secondary raw materials returned to the market in 2015

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