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Discover the estimates of financial analysts who follow SUEZ.

Analyst estimates

Analysts estimates of the value of SUEZ

The below data is a simple arithmetical average of the estimates drawn up by the analysts covering the value of SUEZ:

Average (in €m) 2017 2018 2019 
Revenue 16,151 18,132  18,677
EBITDA 2,753 3,084  3,222
EBIT 1,345 1,590  1,690
Net income Group share 375
Net debt 8,951 8,966  8,857


*Data updated on 31/10/2017


These indicators include only the contribution of analysts including the impact of the acquisition of GE Water


The above consensus contains the average calculated by SUEZ of the estimates of the  financial analysts who know SUEZ, track the SUEZ share price and produce dedicated studies, from which these estimates are taken. 

The estimates in this consensus were drawn up under the exclusive responsibility of the financial analysts, and do not reflect the opinion of SUEZ.

SUEZ does not express any assessment or commitment with regard to the estimates of the analysts and the above consensus, and does not guarantee that this information is complete or up to date. 

This consensus does not represent targets or commitments for SUEZ.

A team dedicated to you

Sophie Lombard-Director of Financial Communications at SUEZ

Sophie Lombard

Director of Financial Communications +33 (0)1 58 81 24 93
Julien Desmaretz

Julien Desmaretz

Investors Relations Manager +33 (0)1 58 81 24 84
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